Scientists May Have Finally Cracked the Greatest Mystery Behind the Bermuda Triangle

What is causing the ships and planes to disappear? The famous long mystery behind the Bermuda Triangle, where hundreds of aircrafts and ships have disappeared mysteriously, might have been solved as claimed by a Science Channel.

Bermuda Triangle

The area between the Island of Bermuda, San Juan, Puerto Rico, and Miami, Florida, also known as the Bermuda Triangle, is an infamous stretch where dozens of ships and planes have crashed and disappeared. Some of them are known to have completely disappeared from the planet.

Scientists Attention

There have been many doubts about cosmic and extraterrestrial theories about the vast area of Open Ocean which is still one of the most heavily trafficked bodies of water. The area may or may not show evidence of any paranormal activity but there is the possibility of some real danger in the region which may contribute to the volume of attention scientist pay to this area.

A team of American Scientists analyzed the satellite weather images of this area and noticed a series of unusual hexagonal clouds on them which may act as real “air bombs.“

Hexagonal Clouds

These hexagonal clouds are not unique to this region, as similar patterns have been observed in the North Sea— between Great Britain and Scandinavia — for some time. These cloud shapes are often the signature of microbursts – a weather event similar to a tornado where only the wind literally drops straight down from the clouds.

These hurricane-force winds, which can easily exceed 170 miles per hour, literally ”blow up” the air and can generate waves of more than 45 feet in height.

Disappearance of Ships

Reports claim that none of the ships are capable of surviving such a storm, and no aircraft can possibly withstand such a wind. Although the clouds don’t form the straight edges, after analyzing the satellite images, it can be said that the Bermuda Triangle is an exception to the above rule. With this theory being announced, doors have been opened up for a lot of research on this topic, and scientists from all over the world are now focusing on finding the reasons behind such anomalies.

Video Watch

Watch this video on the research around this mystery region.

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